Low carb slow cooker chicken and black beans

Slow Cooker Chicken and Black Beans

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Nothing warms the heart more than coming home after a long stressful day to find dinner ready and waiting. As you walk in the door, you immediately smell the scrumptious aroma wafting from the slow cooker sitting there on the counter. Although, you were either not at home or were so busy keeping up with life that there was no time to spend in the kitchen, miraculously dinner was home cooked and all is right with the world. It’s at that moment that you smile and give yourself an imaginary high-five. Cooking with a slow cooker requires a little bit of up front planning and preparation, but all of that is worth the reward when it comes to the end of the day when your significant other is hungry and the children need to be fed before being chauffeured off to dance lessons, sports practice, or music lessons. This recipe like many others is one that I found while searching the internet. I find recipes, print them, and give them to Charles and say, “can you make this.” Well, sometimes, I just say, “make this.” He always obliges, because he loves me and my wacky ways…and he’s a smart guy. A number of years ago when that diet named for a beach in South Florida was popular, we like many others attempted to follow its principles. During one of my Internet searches, I came across Miz Frogs Pad, a website following similar healthy eating principles with tons of well-organized recipes. I identified one of my favorite recipes, based upon its ingredients…Chicken and Black Beans, meaning high protein and low carbohydrates. Although, that healthy eating plan (I do not like to use the “D” word) has come and gone (perhaps) and many others have made appearances in its place, I still love this recipe and it is one that I request the most. Likely, due to the fact that it is ready when I come home from work. You will learn as you follow us, Charles does not follow recipes. He has this way about him; his thought is that he can always make it better. Which can be a good thing! However, you never (well almost never) get the same dish twice! Through this new adventure, I hope to improve his recipe recording skills. At least, so that you all can reproduce the good stuff! The basic ingredients of the adapted recipe are: Chicken (I prefer boneless skinless chicken breast), black beans (you can use canned or dry, but dry requires the extra step of soaking overnight,) onions, jalapenos (or any other hot pepper – Charles has used Serranos and whatever other hot peppers were growing in the garden at the time), canned or fresh whole tomatoes, red bell peppers, and Charles’ favorite ingredient – Low Sodium Chicken Stock, as needed., and salt and pepper to taste. You can serve this dish over rice or quinoa, if you are not concerned about carbohydrates. Tonight, we are keeping it low carb and serving without rice or mama’s biscuits. My favorite part of this recipe is how all of the tomato and hot pepper flavors infuse in the chicken breast as it is cooking. YUM!